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#370020 - Finally the elevator came to a stop. I was aware but helpless to stop my hand from going to the emergency switch, I thought of how easy it would of been for me to push the first floor button, I thought of how easily it would of been for me to step off the elevator on the second floor, it was easy to think of the many actions that could of been done to avoid what was about to happen, it was impossible to perform any of those actions, the script was written, the stage was set, the performers had their roles, there was no time for further delay, the curtains were open, the invisible audience was eagerly waiting for our performance. There was no wild thrashing about, no sharp finger nails raking at the flesh, no loud screaming in the ears, there was only her hot pulsating vulva filled with my throbbing member, there was the sweet tinkling sensation that coursed through the body, there was the shiver of fulfilment and soft sighs of contentment.

Read Yanks Featured セレブ主婦の熱い性欲 Perra セレブ主婦の熱い性欲

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Minoru mineta
Am i the only one thinks that the male actor looks like ray from rooster teeth
Amber hearts
Kiyoshi fujino
I thought that dick was fake like a strapon or a sheath lmao