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#152313 - Petersen, it really hurts!?! Let me feel it, he said in a thick voice, you probably just sprained it, while feeling her calf and ankle!!! Mmmmmmm, Becky said softly, it feels so much better when you're touching it, can you go a little higher, yeah, right there, just below the knee!!! As Mr. Petersen waited expectantly for her answer, and out of the blue, and much to his horror, Becky grabbed her panties with each thumb and literally jerked them right off her body, leaving her totally naked below the waist!!! Y-y-you can't do that in here, he blubbered while keeping his eyes glued to Becky's clean shaven vagina, w-what if somebody comes in, we could all get in real trouble!!! Ignoring his protestation, Becky slowly and calmly shook her head from side to side and replied, It's no use, Mr. Petersen, c-could you please take out your penis so I can see it, I-I'd really appreciate it, pretty please!?! He hated the thought of leaving her pussy, but if

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