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#100899 - In my early years, from aged 17 or so I got really involved with a very nice young lady who at the time was only 15 and after a few weeks of very heavy petting for both of us ie; fingering, sucking & licking each other etc etc I reached around her and rubbed her puckered and very hairy tiny little rosebud and she screamed, went rigid and fainted. Eventually the bag was empty and I said to her 'Well that's it, you have half a gallon of water up inside your bowels' and she said 'Fill the bag again, please' so I took the bag down and filled it again, hung it back up again and let the flow start fast at the start and slowed it down when the bag was half empty and when the bag was empty again she looked as if she was six months pregnant, Carol told me to fill the bag once more, and when it was empty for the third time she really looked as if she was about to give birth and asked me 'Do you have a butt plug, because I want to keep this 6 quarts of ice cold wa

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