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#88812 - I got up and walked towards the back, i forgot to get my sunglasses so i turned back round to get them, but then i saw Josh sitting up with his eyes fixated on me, i didn't know what to do or say so i just contiued to the back door without getting my sunglasses. I decided to come back to the plants another time i wanted to relax as it was a weekend i rarely get off from work, i led down on the sunbed we had next to the pool and closed my eyes, still wondering about the mysterious gaze my son had given me a while back. Josh responded Mum, i want to find someone that will do this with me and like it as much as me i've kept it quiet from my other girlfriends as i thought they wouldn't understand, i only hoped that i could trust her enough to accept it, I replied confidently to him, You will love, it just takes time for them to adjust to your sexual tastes.

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