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#153794 - It seems then another one bet her, $200 to take the bra of,she did, she said her nipples hurt being so hard, stood out so proud you could hang her shirt on them. The first time they lowered her onto his cock, and more went in, but she said possible only an extra inch or so, she told them to lift her again and drop her harder. She was determined to have it in her, and she got it all, she told us she screamed like never before as her full weight took over and her ass was torn open his cock now fully home brought tears to her eyes But now he was in, and began fucking her, soon pleasure took over from the pain and she rode him for some time, then he flipped her over and rammed his meat fully into her exposed ass, now it went in deeper still, and he pounded her for ages, she then said his cock grew even bigger as he pulled her hard onto his cock, and although she's felt cocks pulse inside her when guys cum, this cock was so big it made her orgasm to the point she nearly pas

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