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#348782 - Blow my load in her month told her to swallow it and then told both of them to go make me something to eat I will be right down. I will obey what Im told. Below is descripe of all the character in the story Me: 6'0 200lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, 10 cock and think, Age 35 Wife(Ashely): 5'5 ,110lbs, 36DD tits, Blonde hair, Green Eyes, avage body , Age 33 Neighbor(Kathy): 5'4, 100lbs, red hair, green eyes 38DD tits, avage body, Age 38, Single mom Daughter(Samantha)(Sam for short): 5'4 95lbs 24DD Tits, brown hair, hazel eyes, avage body,Age 21 Two days after my daughter 21st birthday, she became my slave to do what every I want to her, she had to obey me no matter what I had her doing It all started two weeks before her birthday.

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