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#268435 - Jill was cold, very cold. The passenger side window slid down and a deep voice asked if she needed a lift? Without even answering, Jill opened the door and hopped in, sinking down in the deep leather bucket seat while cautiously looking over at the driver and being relieved to see it was a middle aged man in a business suit. Jill could still feel the sting from the slap across her face, but other than that she didn't feel to badly so in a soft barely audible voice, Jill asked Carla, What is going to happen to me tonight? Carla continued bathing the frightened girl and answered, The second half of you initiation.

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Miyu yamano
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Wakana sakai
I am in love again
I did not expect this to get any attention but here we are if any of you were wondering no i m not dead i did overdose and the funny thing is that experience that i had on that night showed me how meaningless life is and how meaningless reality and our perception is but if i try hard enough i can see a meaning to find but i ll most likely be dead soon so it doesn t matter anyways