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#435533 - While always wearing thick glasses, Jaime was the ultimate bookworm, and at only about five foot two inches tall, her short frame was forced to carry in excess of 185 pounds, so she looked much like a walking bowling ball! Before they passed each other, Jason had a quick brainstorm, and in desperation played his last card, Jaime, how ya doin he asked easily, nice lecture you gave today, I can see why the Professor has put so much faith in you! Jaime stopped as she neared Jason, and asked eagerly, Did you really like it, I put a lot of work into that lecture, I hope the students appreciated it! Oh, I know I did, Jason replied, it was very good, but there's just one thing, and he let his voice trail off. She didn't seem to even notice, but Jason figured it was now or never, so he turned to face her, and shut her up with a hard full kiss on the lip, and while she was momentarily stunned, she quickly warmed to the occasion and returned the kiss with her full passion! H

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