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#81464 - Suzanne then had whispered, “I guess we have something to tell to our mutual confident and therapist” and Bree had replied “I think we are going to rock her world!” As they talked Suzanne asked if Bree was comfortable in doing these things and Bree, using the words that Kate had coached her to use if the happenstance presented itself, told Suzanne that people she unknowingly knew had expanded their experiences and were greatly enjoying new phases of life. She said “no, it actually felt good, better than her dildo, it was very hot, slick and real unlike a dildo” Then she said John started caressing her pussy whispering “hmmm, you are so wet still from our fucking, I can see how something like this could happen, or is it from Toby’s little red rocket?” Hearing this Suzanne let out a little gasp… Then John started slowly finger fucking her pussy and manipulating her clit while nibbling on her neck and parted her robe to expose her breasts and suck on her nip

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