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#64385 - By gods great grace she managed to slip past her parents mainly due to it being a Saturday they were sleeping in naturally she crashed in bed locking her door behind her and sat in her room the rest of the weekend until Monday……she had no idea what lay ahead in her future…. After a few minutes Patrick noticed where she went and left to investigate. So Patrick got ready as gino recorded him striping down to his boxers and then laying in top of her and grinding into her ass for awhile he then layed her on her back and he quickly grabbed her skirt and jerked It down her legs and sniffed it and threw it into a bag he brought back with him and he looked down at her thong and slid that down too and then he tossed those in the bag too he then took the scissors and cut down her cleavage halfway down her shirt and exposed her tits he then proceeded to cut her bra off too and threw those into the bag too and he left her shirt on but cot down more than halfway but then he placed his hands on

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