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#186436 - The whole area looked like it had been burnt to ashes once I regained my breath I called over com ‘’ move out hell fighters the ship is to the west’’ Wraith and ghost slipped out of sight, and tank got in front of me, fang to the rear ‘’holy hell’’ fang said over com ‘’this place looks like hell’’ ‘’move out’’ I said we walked for half an hour till we saw the ship. Im loaded with an M16 A1 with a scope and grenade launcher, a SPAS 10 gauge shotgun, and two Glock 19’s . I stood once again and saw my M16 laying on the floor, I reloaded it with a fresh clip and slung it It was too long for these tight corners.

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They didn t have to if our info was taken seriously from the beginning majority of deaths esp in the us would have been avoided sad to be an american
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