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#328237 - When I was satisfied I pushed her to the ground and laid on top of her and kissed her lip, she didn’t respond so I put my hand down her trousers and pinched her clit again, she jumped and began squirming so I held on tighter, she stopped squirming and kissed me back, I laughed and said “Keep your mouth open!” she did so fearfully so I spat into her mouth, she swallowed it obediently so I inserted my fingers into her moth and fucked her mouth with my fingers. In school there’s one under cover lesbian and she and my sister both hate each other but pretend they are friends, I laughed to myself, I will make both of them my bitches. I smiled and said a little cruelly “Do not move!” I took the dildo out of my pocket and a walked to the kitchen to get vegetable oil and walked back to her, I slowly pulled down her trousers and panties and poured the oil into her butt hole, she cringed and began begging me “Please don’t do this, I swear I won’t bully you any more and I’ll do whatever

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