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#108942 - A surge of heated arousal suffused Holly’s loins as the fingers of the student hotly made direct contact and started firmly stroking Holly’s pussy thru her bush pants, felt the fingers reach for the button fly and buttons become loose as a hot hand slipped inside and downwards, hot fingers easily slipping inside an equally hot pussy, begin pumping in and out as Holly sagged her aroused inflamed pussy onto the thrusting fingers… The women up at the temple intently watched as two more Centaurs take their places behind Bar and Joanna, who had exhaustedly collapsed against the rounded mounds. The student in panties tugged her panties to one side making direct bare physical contact with the stone phallus, a look of utmost concentration upon her face as she intently stared at the actions at the base of the temple as she worked her pussy against the tip of the phallus. A small water channel led out from the temple, clear water was still being funneled through it.

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