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#85980 - All too soon I shot a great load down Peters throat, my cock stayed stiff as I muffed Sally’s pussy even that much harder so as to cover the noise I made. Sally quickly chipped in with a “he can all way’s join us for a three some” and a burst of laughter before plunging head first into the pool. I asked her if she was comfortable and she replied that it had been very relaxing and could not tell whom was doing what, but assumed Peter had been touching her pussy and boobs, I said maybe, maybe not, what did she think of that, well it’s very nice whoever is touching me and with that laid back down, so I slowly bent over her pussy and gently breathed hot air on it, her reaction was a soft moan so I quickly rubbed my nose on her clit before Peter walked back in.

Read Rope Kirito-kun ga Muttsuri datta Ken - Sword art online Punk Kirito-kun ga Muttsuri datta Ken

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