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#95230 - ‘And I’m afraid you’re going to be unlucky tonight Rick’ said Kate with a sly grin, ‘I’m not wearing any!’ And with that she unzipped her jeans to prove it. Kate went into a spasm alongside me, clenched her arse off the sofa and with a low stifled moan, shuddered violently and suddenly wet the seat; Kath, whose clit had been rubbed into delirium by my spanking and pounding cock went through the same sequence as her cousin with the difference that she wet my thighs; and I went totally out of control and with a huge shudder of sexual relief shot a jet of cum about three feet in the air from between my sister’s arse cheeks…………… ……And from the doorway, came another strangled moan and a gasp and when we all looked saw to our horror at first that Kate’s mum, my Aunty Barbara was standing there in her bath robe which had parted at the front to reveal a shortie nightie below. I like a challenge and so I stuck to the job in hand and sucked her clit into my mouth and gently nipped it with my

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