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#105409 - So she took my cock in her right hand and started to wank my cock,and then drew it up to her mouth and sucked it right in,wonderfull,, I was lying on the floor and she had her head over my cock,with her lovely arse facing towards BJ, I did,nt think he was being kind to me,he had other thoughts on his mind,,, he watched her sucking my cock, and then dropped to his knees and pushed his now hardening cock straight up Sallys arse,she squealed with pain, and nearly bit my cock off, she drew a little bit of blood,and my cock slid out of her mouth,only to be comforted by me. 30pm, and Emmy still had,nt reappeared ,and then suddenly , the Trap Door was open above us and Emmy was dropped down the hole, fortunately ,I was below the door ,so helped to break her fall, she was in shock,they had been rather rough with her,and she needed some tender care,we provided what we could, it made us more determined that tomorrow was the day of our departure.

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