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#71908 - We rushed out the door and back to the dorm, the superintendent had permanently moved the twins and Jeremy and Will next to us, that way we could get them whenever we felt like for training at night. Several touchdowns later, and a tie game 7 to 7, our ball and we all agreed last touchdown wins, and we had agreed to no more powers, Kevin hiked the ball, Adam rushed off to the left and started to zigzag to confuse Jeremy, I had to deal with the twin and Will, I ran through and pushed them out of the way, I ran towards Adam, Kevin threw the ball into the air, I put on a burst of speed, the ball sailed higher into the air, way too high for anyone to reach, I turned around and cupped my hands, Adam took the hint and jumped off my hands and caught the ball in the air landed and ran towards the touchdown while everyone besides me stared in awe at how well of a team Adam and I were. Mr.

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