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#94213 - She panted as she laid into him, her cock constantly hammering home, minute after minute without pause or break, he couldn’t believe her strength or stamina, his eyes closed as his body shook with almost ceaseless orgasm, as soon as one ended and a few seconds of painful oversensitivity had passed he found himself once more on the cusp. She paced herself, sometimes laying over his back, sometimes standing straight, her weight being supported by her feet on the ground, her knees on the sofa or her arms on his back, this technique allowing her muscles to keep up with her pace for far longer as the room echoed with the sounds of their bodies clapping together, her breasts bouncing slightly as she fucked him. He swallowed, “Still hardly seems fair…” he said, glancing down.

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Im so jealous i wish i had someone to fuck me like that love your vids
Kazumi asakura
Bro i m just so sad cause i got ghosted and idk what to do man it s just tuff cause i don t feel like i deserve it