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#192784 - Karen tapped Steffi on the shoulder and told her that Miss Peters wanted to see her in her office right away. The lust in Miss Peters' eyes was unmistakable, and Steffi wasn't surprised when the older woman dropped her lip to her large pink nipple and took it greedily into her mouth, sucking and licking it like no one ever had before!!! Steffi's pussy was by now on fire with hunger, and was desperately in need of orgasmic relief, and by keeping her legs tight together, she tried in vain to exert pressure on her throbbing clit! Miss Peters notice the youngster's predicament and asked, Is your vagina in need, dear, mine certainly is!?! Steffi nodded vigorously and begged, Please, help me, I need it so bad!!! Miss Peters walked over to the door and locked it, returned to Steffi and ordered, Okay then, let's get off all of our things!!! Steffi, now in a state of unbelievable sexual excitement, practically tore of her remaining clothing, until she was stan

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