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#127725 - She seemed shy and gentle, she had long black hair and green eyes, she was chubby and short but she had a nice face. My mom just sat there and talked about the time we all went to the petting zoo and a goose chased me But instead of telling her that geese suck and they have no place in a petting zoo in the first place, i got up and walked around the house, she didn't even ask me where i was going, i walked in silence Angie's room was empty, my heart was racing, what am i going to find? Then it hit me, it hit me hard and i felt so stupid for not getting it sooner, It's mom's birthday in a week! They are planning something for her birthday! Well now I was offended, why didn't they ask for my help? I saw Zac stepping out of the bathroom I know what's going on i said He seemed weird for a second What are you talking about? He said nervously Mom's birthday, what are you getting her??? He looked relieved for some reason Don't worry about that, we'll take care of it he

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